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Solar Panels

Aspects to take into account when installing solar panels

Solar panels are a self-sufficient energy system with a useful life of about 25-30 years and involve a significant outlay in the first place. Therefore, its installation should not be taken lightly. It is necessary to take care of all the components that intervene in the structure, from the solar cells to the supports on which these plates are installed, and it is always advisable to trust specialized company that have already proven their worth through their experience.

To ensure that you have an efficient installation that pays for itself within a reasonable time and is safe, a number of factors must be taken into account.

Support structure of solar panels

One of the fundamental components in any solar installation is the support structure of the plates. This element is what allows the solar panel to be fixed in a certain place, providing it firmness, security and the appropriate orientation.

solar panels

Depending on whether the solar installation is carried out on a roof or on the ground, the type of structure will change. The possibility or not of drilling holes in the roof, the sun exposure and the orientation of the installation site are factors that influence the chosen support. Therefore, a structure for solar farms will be very different from a structure for roofs that cannot be drilled.

Solar panels installation location

The climate and the orientation in which the solar panels are installed are factors of fundamental importance and will directly influence the efficiency of the plates. Therefore, we must study the inclination that will allow obtaining the greatest amount of solar radiation and install the support structure based on it.

Isolated solar system vs solar system connected to the grid


Isolated solar systems are those that are installed with the intention of fully supplying the energy demand of buildings and various structures. The energy captured by these facilities is stored in batteries, in order to be able to dispose of it throughout the year. Due to this, the time of year that should be taken as a reference is winter, since energy consumption increases while solar radiation decreases.

solar panels

Through isolated systems it is possible to obtain electricity in remote places far from the electrical distribution network. This installation entails a greater outlay, since one of the most expensive components of solar installations is the storage batteries.


In solar systems connected to the grid, the energy that is generated is injected into the electrical distribution network. When the balance between energy demand and solar energy production is the same, it will behave in the same way as isolated systems.

As soon as the energy captured by the panels exceeds the energy demand, the surplus would be poured into the network. In this case, with the latest reform of the law, it will be possible to obtain financial compensation for that energy dumped into the power line. On the other hand, when there is an energy deficit, the energy will be obtained from the conventional grid system.

Building revaluation

One of the common doubts for both homeowners and industrial buildings is whether it makes sense to install solar panels if you don’t know how long you will be in the building in question. Although for these systems to be amortized it is common to have to wait between 7 and 10 years, it must be taken into account that the building in question will be revalued by having a solar system of energy self-sufficiency. Therefore, the sale price will be increased by having these facilities.

Equipment placement

In the case of solar panels, it is necessary to take into account the seismic events of the place, the force of the wind and the possibility of suffering external impacts. These panels, in addition to being heated by radiation and the outside temperature, also produce heat. This element must be taken into account when choosing the appropriate separation of the panels and that their proximity is not excessive.

solar panels

A common concern among panel owners is the potential for theft. To avoid these, there are different anti-theft systems that make their theft considerably difficult.

Although the solar panels must be outdoors to capture solar radiation, the other equipment necessary for their operation must be protected. It is highly recommended that both the inverters and the batteries, in case of having a solar installation isolated from the electricity grid, are in a protected, dry, cool, ventilated, dust-free place and far from the reach of children.

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