Bathroom: How small is it to look wide?

Because at present, residences, condominiums, or apartments. Often not to focus on the bathroom. Or choose to build a small bathroom to save more space in other parts and sometimes decorating a small bathroom.

It can not be fully customized to meet the needs of the user fully. Especially people who have a lot of personal belongings or toiletries that need a lot of storage space.

The problem that will certainly follow is a messy bathroom problem. How to organize things does not look in the way. Not enough storage and use. And also make the area. Already narrow, even more awkward, so I have to use the idea of ​​decorating. That will help solve these problems.

The decoration ideas for small bathrooms are as follows.

1.Choose to use bright colors to mask the eyes and make the room look wider.

2.Opt for simple accessories and decorations.

3.Allocate vertical space as usable area.

4.Choose to use corner sanitary ware Saves space.

5.The more you use a large mirror The more the bathroom looks wide.

6.Opt for a shower curtain. Or a clear glass shower enclosure.

7.Light it up, increase the brightness And set the light position.

8.Design a long and deep bathroom in the process of construction.

1. Use bright colors to camouflage the room to make the room look wider.   

Whether it is a bathroom or any room in the house, if you want that room to look spacious, airy, comfortable, and help reduce the awkwardness, you must choose to use bright colors in the decoration as the main. Whether it’s trendy pastel colors like pale pink, light green, light blue, pale purple, or bright bright colors like pastel yellows, oranges that aren’t too intense.

Or to control the tone with white, cream, light gray in a minimalist style. Can choose according to the preferences of the homeowner or if you are afraid that will look too bland. Choosing a pair of contrasting colors. Or even the same color to try to change the shade, it will help to make it look beautiful, eye-catching, interesting, interesting to use, and not cramped and uncomfortable as well.

2. Choose simple accessories and decorations.

 In addition to the color of the structure that needs to be highlighted in bright tones Appliances in the bathroom although it is small. But it should focus on simplicity, not flashy with little patterns. And use bright color tones as well Because the more there are fewer items And look in harmony with the color as much, it will be able to help look wide without any obstructions to be an eyesore.

In addition, the required equipment Including various decorations Should choose to use a multi-function or a design that has more than one utility. To help save bathroom space with the built-in For example A washbasin that can store belongings below Or a mirror with hidden lights for use when you want to make up, etc.

  3. Allocate vertical space as usable area.

For bathrooms with a relatively tight space from the original that may choose to use low-rise furniture or decorations, want to try to switch to furniture, decorations, or a vertical storage device, which can be drilled on the wall or use as a type of furniture that can be stacked vertically up to the ceiling To help increase the storage space for personal items, towels, and cosmetics. By choosing to have a design that matches the overall bathroom that is decorated.

Or if the bathroom is very small, it is recommended to try to use furniture that is light and airy to help prevent it from looking dull and uncomfortable. And another important thing to keep in mind is the space for installing furniture or hanging shelves. These are wet zones or dry zones. If you want to install furniture or shelves in a wet area, be sure to use a waterproof material. To help extend the life of the furniture as well

4. Choose to use corner sanitary ware. Saves space  There are many types of sanitary ware, toilets, and sinks available today. Both in terms of function and design. Makes the placement of sanitary ware in the bathroom quite flexible according to the needs of the user. In which the placement of various sanitary ware. These all have an effect on the size of the space than we thought.

And the placement of bathtubs, shower cabinets, washbasins – wash hands, urinal or toilet bowl corner In addition to helping to increase the usable space of a small bathroom to leave more space, it is also considered Bathroom decoration Make it look strange and can be more usable.

By the way, when choosing a mirror for installation in a small bathroom, choose a mirror that is as large as space allows. In the event that has a relatively low ceiling, it should be installed with a mirror so that it is up to the ceiling As for the location for installing a mirror, the best place is above the sink – wash your hands.

6. Opt for a shower curtain. Or a clear glass shower enclosure

 If you want to separate the wet zone and the dry zone inside the small bathroom, choosing a plastic shower curtain is another interesting option. Because at a very cheap price compared to other shower screens There are also a variety of colors and patterns to choose from. Once installed, it can save more space than installing a glass partition.

 Easy to use, easy to clean. And can also be moved when wanting to open the space inside to be wide open. But if you want to install a shower enclosure or a real glass partition It is recommended to choose a clear glass model to help camouflage the space inside to look wider.

7. Ignite the brightness and set the light position

 Bathroom decoration With the lighting, it is one way to make a small look wider thanks to the brightness of the lights Especially by adding a bulb in an area where the light can splash over the top of the mirror. This method not only helps diffuse the light to make the room look dimensional, bright, spacious, and beautiful. Create a good atmosphere every time you use the bathroom. It also makes it possible to use the glass area more conveniently and clearly.

8. Design the bathroom to be long and deep during the construction process

In the case of building your own house or residence But the plan is in advance to make the bathroom proportion to be smaller in order to save space and budget. The design of the bathroom is a rectangular, long, deep design. Will make the bathroom look wider than the bathroom design is a square area with the same width and length on all sides. Even though they have the same usable area.

 How are you doing? Finishing the bathroom to look wide is not as difficult as you think. We just need to focus on the selection of sanitary ware. Including the color of the floor and the walls of the bathroom will make a narrow bathroom. Can look wider Plus not uncomfortable as well.

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