Garage Door

Garage Door, Sectional with a wicket

Sectional garage doors are especially popular in our country due to the practical combination of stylish appearance and high-quality security.

However, these are not the only advantages of this type of gate. For the convenience of using such a structure, today it is possible to upgrade with an additional entrance – with a wicket in the garage door leaf.

The most significant advantages of such an entrance are:

  • saving the resource of the spring mechanism;
  • easy access to the garage;
  • protection from cold and heat conservation;
  • additional entrance.

Let’s take a closer look at the features of the structure and installation of garage doors with an additional entrance.

Wicket construction

The wicket is made of sandwich panels, the frame of the frame is made of a 40 mm reinforced aluminum profile.

  1. To ensure the rigidity of the web, reinforcing profiles are used on the inside.
  2. Plastic plugs are installed between the panels so that there are no gaps between the frame profiles.
  3. To prevent sagging of the door leaf, a special safety catch is used.
  4. To prevent precipitation from getting inside, a visor is installed at the top from the outside.
  5. The lock has anti-vandal metal handles.

The design can be either left or right-handed. On the right, when viewed from the inside, the handle is located on the right.

During operation it should be remembered that the wicket only opens outward.

The color scheme for the frame frame is presented in three options:

  • brown;
  • silver metallic;
  • painting in color according to the RAL catalog (additional option).

The standard kit is equipped with a secure lock and stainless steel handle, position sensors built into the profile.

Threshold design options

The range includes 3 options for the threshold of the built-in wicket:

  • with a standard threshold of 14.5 cm (used for structures larger than 4500×3085 mm);
  • with a low threshold of 10 cm (for door systems up to 4500×3085 mm);
  • with a flat threshold of 1.8 cm (for doors with dimensions up to 5500x3085mm).

Why are sectional doors better than metal doors?

During a difficult economic situation, everyone thinks: “How to save money?” – and everyone wants to save money on everything. But even in a crisis, people are trying to improve the quality of life: they make repairs, build houses, buy real estate.

When there is a question about a building, you need to remember an important thing – saving is very dangerous! Windows, doors, enclosing structures, and gates must be made of quality materials.

The differences between sectional and metal garage doors are global. First of all, this is the material from which the gates are made, then – the methods of opening, heat, and energy efficiency.

Metal garage doors

Metal gates , the price of which is much lower, have both advantages and disadvantages. Of course, first of all, the advantage is the price and speed of production, but among the advantages there are also disadvantages, as well as very important points:

  1. No corrosion resistance.
  2. Very low heat and energy efficiency.
  3. Low sealing of the opening.
  4. Weak resistance to burglary.
  5. Short service life.
  6. Variety of colors, styles, and textures not available (no additional surcharge).
  7. Lack of warranty and post-warranty service.
  8. Production of the canvas itself in “auxiliary” conditions without quality certificates.

Sectional garage door

Sectional garage doors, in comparison with metal ones, have much more advantages, but the disadvantages have not yet been discovered. The manufacturer has made sure that the gate can be both of high quality and affordable. This is how the economical and premium garage door series was developed.

Let’s take a closer look at the features:

  1. Thermal insulation . Thanks to the well-thought-out manufacturing technology of the canvas, the garage will be warm and cozy. The sandwich panels are made from outer and inner steel sheet, and inside is densely foamed polyurethane. Energy efficiency comparable to brick wall thicknesses up to 600 mm.
  2. Corrosion resistance . Provided with a zinc coating of 16 microns and a two-layer polyurethane coating.
  3. Noise isolation . Thanks to the dense foam core and steel sheets, the sound is much less audible. The passage of the freight transport will be equal to the usual conversation.
  4. Wind resistance . The sectional door leaf withstands wind gusts up to 120 km / h!
  5. A wide selection of patterns, textures and colors (at no extra charge), as well as the ability to paint the panels in any desired color (at an additional charge).
  6. Security . Protection against trapping fingers, as well as against falling of the door – the leaf is reliably balanced by springs.
  7. Comfort . Sectional doors are capable of withstanding about 25,000 cycles, which corresponds to 17 years of operation (4 times a day). Automatic control allows the gate to open in 15 seconds. Automation for garage doors, the price of which is optimal, will help you to comfortably enter the garage without leaving the car (especially convenient in rainy or snowy weather). Saving useful space around the garage (in comparison with the swing series of metal gates) – the gates rise to the ceiling.
  8. The panels are manufactured at a specialized plant ; installation is carried out by experienced, certified specialists.
  9. The quality is confirmed by multiple studies and tests.

Comparison of advantages and disadvantages confirms both our choice and the choice of our customers – sectional garage doors are better, more reliable and more durable!