Hot water system

Hot Water System’s Advantages

The hot water system is the provision of the population, including its domestic needs, as well as production needs, with high-temperature water (up to +75 degrees Celsius). It is an important indicator of the level and quality of life, as well as a condition for compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards.

The advantages of an open hot water system are the following:

  • it is easy to fill it up and release air, which happens automatically through the expansion tank;
  • it is quite easy to recharge. Since the pressure in the system does not require special attention, you can draw water without fear;
  • the system functions well even in the presence of leaks, due to the high working pressure in it.

The disadvantages include the following:

  • constant monitoring of the water level in the tank;
  • the need to replenish it.

The advantages of a closed hot water system include:

  • savings associated with constant temperature;
  • there is a possibility of installing a heated towel rail.

A very important point in the hot water system is the presence of a hydraulic accumulator. It helps prevent some of the problems associated with differential pressure in the system. The accumulator is a sealed tank with a membrane partially filled with water. It divides the tank into the water and air parts. If the volume of water in the hydraulic tank increases, then, accordingly, the volume of air decreases.

In the event of increased pressure parameters in the system, a signal is given and the pump is turned off. There is a pneumatic valve for pressure regulation. Air is pumped through the nipple. Its amount can be either added or decreased.

The accumulator has such advantages as:

  • prevention of rapid pump wear. Since there is a supply of hot water system in the tank, the pump will turn on less often, which contributes to its longer service life;
  • stable air pressure in the hot water system. The device helps to avoid sudden changes in pressure and temperature in the hot water supply system;
  • resistance to water hammer. They practically do not occur and cannot harm the pump and the entire system;
  • increased reserves of hot water. There is always a reserve of it in the accumulator tank, moreover, it is constantly updated.


According to the “Rules for the provision of utilities”, the hot water temperature should correspond to a value from +60 to +75 degrees Celsius. 

It is worth considering that there are some acceptable deviations, namely:

  • at night (from 00: 00 to 05: 00 hours) a deviation of up to 5 degrees Celsius is allowed;
  • in the daytime (from 05:00 to 00:00) the deviation should not be more than 3 degrees Celsius.

According to the rules, if the supplied hot water is colder than the standard value, the user can recalculate and pay for it at the cost of the cold water supply. But for this, you have to take temperature measurements. You cannot do this on your own. The first step is to call the housing and communal services or the management company and leave a request for measurement. If this drop in temperature is caused by malfunctions, repairs, or other reasons, the dispatcher must inform about this.

If everything is in order, you must fix the application. After the visit of the master, you need to draw up an act of measuring the temperature in two copies. It is on the basis of this act that the cost will be recalculated.

During the measurement, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

  • be sure to drain the water within a few minutes;
  • note where the measurement is from – from a heated towel rail or from an independent pipe.

The established temperature regimes are associated with the following factors:

  • this temperature does not allow bacteria to multiply;
  • at this temperature, the possibility of getting burned is excluded.

Schemes and calculations

In order to calculate the consumption of hot water, it is necessary to take into account the number of people living in the house or apartment, as well as the lifestyle. The main requirement is the minimum duration of the flow of the hot water system from the tap. In addition, according to current regulations (10 minutes), it is supposed to be used at several points in any quantity.

To calculate the supply of hot water system, the following factors must be taken into account:

  • number of users;
  • frequency of use in the bathroom;
  • number of bathrooms and toilets;
  • the volume of plumbing devices;
  • required water temperature.

The best design today is considered to be with the help of special measuring instruments. Although this option is not possible for everyone. Only taking into account the needs of the whole family is it possible to choose the best option for the hot water system for a house, apartment, or summer cottage.