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How To Assemble A Motorbike Spares Stroke For Best Motorcycle

If we motorbike spares recently showed you at Motos how you could ride a 110-125cc mini quad , today we want to help you ride a 2-stroke motor quad for children .

As we have been telling you from this blog, we want to offer you small tutorials to help you in the assembly, small fixes and basic adjustments of your mini bike, scooter, pit bike or mini Quad.

In this case we are going to show you how to ride a children’s quad . Our idea is that you see that it is not a complicated process. For this we explain step by step what you should do .

motorbike spares
motorbike spares

Steps motorbike spares to follow to ride bike

In our video tutorial we have taken the Pant era Spider mini quad as a reference , but the process can be used for all 49cc mini quads.

To begin with, we must motorbike spares remove the packaging from the quad, since all the vehicles that leave our facilities are prepared for transport. How to ride a children’s quad Inside this packaging a steel cage is included to protect it.

After removing the box and cage we begin the assembly itself.

To ride a children’s quad motorbike spares we must start with the front tires . We put them in the right direction and fix them. Next we adjust the rear shock, which vehicle comes folded. How to ride a shock absorbing quad for kids

We use the tools that the quad box brings to adjust it. Then we proceed to fix the brakes and the handlebar . This one How to ride a children’s quad brakes comes disassembled and we must assemble and adjust it together with the brakes.

motorbike spares
motorbike spares

At this point we have already done the motorbike spares most difficult part of riding a bike , easy right? Now we only have to place the reflective light on the back, the chain cover and the seat. The chain guard is important that we adjust it well for greater safety of our child.

How to ride a children’s quad tutorial Finally, we put the front bumper and we will have finished assembling a children’s quad.

In our tutorial we also include a small example of how to start it, the steps to follow and how to adjust the limiter.

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